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Domhnall Gleeson Biography

Domhnall Gleeson is an Irish actor, voice actor, and writer. He attended Scoil Iosa, where he performed in school productions of Grease and King Lear. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts from Dublin Institute of Technology.

He directed and wrote several short films, garnered a Tony Award nomination in 2006 for his role in the Broadway production The Lieutenant of Inishmore, and had a supporting role in Never Let Me Go. He became known to a wider audience for his portrayal of Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter film series from 2010 to 2011.

In 2015, he received widespread recognition and praise for his performances in four Academy Award-nominated films. In 2017, he appeared in Mother! alongside his brother, Brian, co-starred in American Made, portrayed A. A. Milne in Goodbye Christopher Robin and reprised his role as General Hux in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In 2018, he starred in a live-action adaptation of Peter Rabbit.

Domhnall Gleeson Age

He was born on 12 May 1983 in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland. He celebrates his birthday on 12 May every year.

Domhnall Gleeson Family

He is the son of the late Irish actor and film director Brendan Gleeson and Mary Gleeson. He is the oldest of three brothers; Actors Brían Gleeson, Fergus Gleeson, and Rúairí Gleeson.

Domhnall Gleeson Wife

He is reportedly unmarried and doesn’t have a wife, however, he is believed to be dating TV producer Juliette Bonass secretly.

Domhnall Gleeson Net Worth

Gleeson has enjoyed a long career in the film industry spanning a long period of time. Through proceeds from his work as an actor. he has been able to accumulate a huge and modest fortune. He is estimated to have a net worth of about $7 million.

Domhnall Gleeson Harry Potter

He was cast as Bill Weasley, the eldest brother of the Weasley family in the film adaptations of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Domhnall Gleeson Star Wars

He was cast as General Hux, the First Order’s second-in-command in the 2019 American epic space opera film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Hux was born on Arkanis and rumored to be sired from an affair between his wife, Arkanis Academy Commander Brendol Hux, and a kitchen worker. Hux and his father are saved from the Academy as it is about to collapse at the end of the Galactic Civil War into the New Republic.

When the war ends with the Jakku Fight and the Galactic Concordance declaration, the young Hux and his father are part of the forces of the Imperial Navy fleeing into the Unknown Regions. Later, such powers emerge as the First Order.

The Republic claims that the First Order is only an unimportant band of Imperial holdouts, but Hux’s methods of training forge a powerful military that eventually overthrows the Republic and turns the world into a dictatorship far more barbaric than the original Star Wars trilogy’s Galactic Empire.

He serves as the right hand of the Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Rank, second only to Kylo Ren in power, with whom he has a fierce rivalry. He dedicates himself to the destruction of the Resistance, an army that formed out of the Rebel Alliance and is commanded by General Leia Organa. Hux believes that the Republic is a challenge to galactic peace and that control of the galaxy is his destiny.

Domhnall Gleeson Black Mirror

He was cast as Ash Starmer, Martha’s boyfriend who was killed in a road accident in episode Be Right Back, the first episode of the second series of British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror.

Domhnall Gleeson Movies

2004; Six Shooter2005; Boy Eats Girl2006; Studs2009; What Will Survive of Us2009; Perrier’s Bounty2009; Corduroy2010; Never Let Me Go2010; Sensation2010; Noreen2010; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 12010; True Grit2011; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 22012; Shadow Dancer2012; Dredd2012; Anna Karenina2013; About Time2014; Frank2014; Calvary2014; Unbroken2015; Ex Machina2015; Brooklyn2015; Star Wars: The Force Awakens2015; The Revenant2016; The Tale of Thomas Burberry2017; American Made2017; Mother!2017; Crash Pad2017; Goodbye Christopher Robin2017; Star Wars: The Last Jedi2018; A Futile and Stupid Gesture2018; Peter Rabbit2018; The Little Stranger2019; The Kitchen2019; Star Wars: Episode IX

Domhnall Gleeson Tv Shows

2001; Rebel Heart2005; The Last Furlong2009; A Dog Year2010; Your Bad Self2012; Immatürity for Charity2013; Black Mirror2016; Earth’s Greatest Spectacles2017; Catastrophe2019; Psychic

Domhnall Gleeson Facts and Body Measurements

Here are some interesting facts you don’t want to miss about Domhnall Gleeson

Full Name: Domhnall Gleeson Age/ How Old?: 36 years Date of Birth: 1983 Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland Birthday: 12 May Nationality: Irish Father’s Name: Brendan Gleeson Mother’s Name: Mary Gleeson Siblings: Three Married?: No (girlfriend is television producer Juliette Bonass) Children/ Kids: None Height: 185 cm( 6″1 inches) Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs) Chest: 37 in or 94 cm Biceps: 13.5 in (34.5 cm) Waist: 30 in (76 cm) Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green Nationality: Irish Race/ethnicity: White Net Worth: $7 million

Who is Domhnall Gleeson?

Gleeson is an Irish actor, voice actor, and writer. He was born on 12 May 1983 to actor Brendan Gleeson and his wife Mary.

How old is Domhnall Gleeson?

Gleeson is 36 years old as of 2019. He was born on 12 May 1983 in Dublin, Ireland.

How tall is Domhnall Gleeson?

He stands at a height of 6″1 inches.

Is Domhnall Gleeson married?

He is reportedly unmarried and doesn’t have a wife, however, he is believed to be dating TV producer Juliette Bonass secretly.

How much is Domhnall Gleeson worth?

He has an approximate net worth of $7 million. This amount has been accrued from his leading roles in the entertainment industry.

How much does Domhnall Gleeson make?

His salary is still under review.

Where does Domhnall Gleeson live?

He lives in Dublin, Ireland, we shall upload pictures of his house as soon as we have them.

Is Domhnall Gleeson dead or alive?

Gleeson is alive and in good health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any health-related issues.